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Here at Melanin On The Map, being the FIRST travel app dedicated to minority travelers, we make it our mission to use our platform to highlight great businesses in travel worldwide. Understanding the effects of Covid throughout our industry we use our large platform, built in engaged community and global travel connections to spread awareness of businesses like yours directly to our audience. After extensive research, we feel your brand will be a great business to highlight to our audience and we'd love to have you as an official travel partner of Melanin On The Map.



✈ 2 'WELCOME OUR NEW PARTNERS' Social Media Introductory Post

Once you've officially join our partners list, you will have unlimited access to our robust audience of travel enthusiasts. As a welcome to the family, we will introduce you and your company to our audience of over 25,000+ travel enthusiasts. This will show viewers your direct affiliation with us, bringing in new clientele worldwide.


After your initial partner post goes out, you will have a second post dedicated to your one-on-one live with Melanin On The Map Founder, Ashley McDonough (See next bullet for additional info)


✈ One-on-One Instagram Live w. MOTM CEO, Ashley McDonough

Each of our partners will have the opportunity to have a live interview with MOTM CEO, Ashley McDonough. These conversational chats will be an informative introductory to our combined audience. Here is where you're able to detail the in's and out's of your company, promotions, discounts or upcoming events. All LIVE interviews will remain on our highlight reel indefinitely.


✈ Optional Melanin On The Map Promotional Offer / Promo Code

Given your direct access to our audience of over 25,000+ travel enthusiasts as well as direct access to our 1,500+ travel agents, Melanin On the Map travel partners have the opportunity to target them directly. If you choose to offer a group trip, discount code, promotional offer etc (if applicable) this will increase your chances of potential sales and potential clientele.

Ex. Promo Code Melanin for 25% off




Melanin On The Map's 'Travel Tribe' community consists of over 1,500+ certified travel agents from across the globe. All ranging in expertise and speciality, your business will be added in our membership group for priority booking. Our agents will look to your company first when booking and will create individual relationships with your team as they book weekly experiences for their clients.



Unlike several promotional travel brands, we at Melanin On The Map collect ZERO commission from any of your trips. We simply serve as a promotional tool to connect our large audience to the exciting travel opportunities they are seeking with first-class professionals, ready to send them on their way to their next adventure!

Investment : One Time Payment $250 USD (Limited Time Only)