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Our Social Media Travel Tribe coaching is solely for Travel Agents, Aspiring Influencers, Travel lovers and Online Business owners looking to grow, scale & monetize their brand. With our marketing strategies, expert training and built in resources we aim to help all our 100+ Tribe members built lucrative Travel Brands and Online Businesses.


Here at Melanin On The Map we've designed our entire brand online, building an organic community of over 40,000 travel enthusiasts across the globe and have built proven social strategies for scaling online.

By joining our Social Media Travel Tribe Coaching you'll receive the following

  • Daily Social Media Informative Hack- For 365 days of the year you'll receive a new social media hack to help you build and grow online. These tactics have helped us gain our 40,000+ audience and make sales, every time we make a post. 

  • Bi- Monthly Group Coaching Calls- Each month our Travel tribe members will have 2 live sessions with Founder, Ashley McDonough on all things building a brand on social. We'll be doing live Q&A's on our Wine Down Wednesday's 8pm ET where we share our struggles and wins, all while giving insight on helping you grow!

  • Expert Training- Every month we'll be bringing in experts in various fields of business, social media, marketing and travel to help our Tribe grow their business at no additional cost. This is thousands of dollars in business investments FREE exclusively to our Travel Tribe. 

  • On boarding Social Media Analysis- As soon as you're onboard the Travel Tribe, you'll set up a one on one 30 minute social media audit with Founder, Ashley McDonough. You'll discuss pain points, struggles and set up a strategy to get you to your next goal. As a tribe member, in addition to your bi-monthly group calls.

  • Group Support - As Tribe members you'll be joining the community of other travel lovers looking to build their brands on social. You'll have built in new followers and engagement from connecting with members of the group. You'll gain friends, followers and organic growth for your social media.


If you're ready to grow your social media brand and start earning BIG online, sign up and join our Travel Tribe TODAY!! 

(We offer two options for our audience with respect to everyone's personal business goals as well as financial status)

1 on 1 Coaching or Travel Tribe Social Media Coaching

Join today for only $39.99/ month

(Cancel anytime no penalty, No refunds)

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Hear from our Coaching Clients: 

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