About Me

Ashley McDonough is a Howard University graduate, journalist, producer and founder of Melanin On The Map. Growing up first-generation American, with parents of Caribbean descent, travel and culture has been a passion of hers from a young age. Having traveled to over 10 countries before the age of 25, McDonough realized early on the positive impact travel has had on her life, soon leading her into a career helping other minorities experience the same.


After years of working in editorial and digital production, McDonough combined her passion for travel, culture and storytelling, birthing Melanin On the Map in 2019.


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About Me

Meet Ashley McDonough, Journalist, Producer and Founder of Melanin On the Map. 


If you've followed her career over the years, you've probably seen her writing for one of your favorite publications, producing culturally conscious content or traveling to one of your favorite cities. No matter where you may have seen her, McDonough has always remained true to fulfilling her God given purpose, ferociously following her passions of travel, culture and storytelling.


Discovering her passions at a young age, it was quite evident what a future career choice would look like for the New York native.   

Growing up first-generation American, with parents of Caribbean descent, her childhood was greatly impacted by the family she was born into. What seemed like everyday experiences everyone encountered, were actually a unique outcome of growing up introduced to many cultures as a child. Whether it was frequently traveling to the islands to visit loved ones or family gatherings filled with good food, soca music and dancing these everyday activities were not the "norm" for the average American child, which she would later discover. Realizing the significance culture, travel and tradition played in her life, soon ignited her curiosity to discover new cultures and broaden her horizon on a global scale. 


While attending her alma mater, Howard University, McDonough studied abroad at The University of Granada on the coast of Spain. While studying, McDonough traveled throughout Europe and North Africa documenting her entire experience abroad, in hopes of inspiring other students to take advantage of the opportunity. At the time, a shocking 2% of minority students participated in international study abroad programs in the nation, a number McDonough was truly bothered by. In her Youtube mini-series entitled 'High Off Life,' McDonough opens the door to what life is like abroad and shows how possible and exciting those experiences can be. 


Upon her return back in the U.S. McDonough continued her desire to inform cultural knowledge through storytelling, working with a number of media giants. In total McDonough has produced hundreds of articles and/or video content for ESSENCE MagazineWill Packer Production's XoNecoleBillboardThe Hollywood Reporter, EBONY Magazine, Elite Daily and iOne Digital.


As of 2019 McDonough decided to combine her passions and experiences in effort to open the door to minority travel. Having traveled to over 10 countries before the age of 25, McDonough realized the impact travel has had on her life and has made it her life’s mission to bring those same experiences to fellow minorities.  

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